ISISPHARMA, located in Lyon, is part of the legacy of a famous doctor in the Rhône département during the 19th century where this scientist described the fundamental dynamic balance; and of an American physician at Harvard Medical School, who gave the name to the homeostatic principle in 1932.

The Scientific Committee & Partners

It is known that many factors (ageing, scars, diseases...) trigger a rigidity of the dermis, which leads to a degradation of the barrier function and alters skin homeostasis.
ISISPHARMA initiated an innovative collaboration with a CNRS laboratory of Claude Bernard University of LYON. We are studying the role of a receptor in the restoration of skin homeostasis and barrier function through its action on tight junctions and Dermal Epidermis Junction, on the way to cancel the deleterious effect of rigidity.
By elucidating the mechanism of action of this receptor, we open a new hope to open a new pathway to enhance skin homeostasis. Thanks to this partnership, we push further the knowledge of the skin and its homeostatic mechanisms and develop new innovative treatments.