• What is hypopigmentation?
  • Mechanism
    Partial or generalized depigmentation (face and body) which affects 0.5% to 2% of the population. Hypopigmentation is defined by the absence of melanin, the destruction of melanocytes and the inhibition of the melanin production.
  • Hypothetical causes:

    • 1) Autoimmune cause:
      Antibodies attack the melanocytes
    • 2) Genetic cause:
      11 genes are associated with non segmental hypopigmentation
    • 3) Environmental cause:
      Melanocytes store free radicals responsible for their destruction: oxidative stres

    • Sans-titre-3
      The most common form. Patches are numerous and symmetrical
    • Sans-titre-2
      Localized hypopigmentation with 1 or 2 patches
    • Sans-titre-1
      The skin is affected almost in its entirety
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