• What is hyperpigmentation ?
  • Mechanism

    Specific cells of the skin called melanocytes produce a brown pigment, melanin, which colours the skin evenly. Produced in excess, melanin accumulates locally and the skin takes on a darker colour. This is known as hyperpigmentation.


    Affected areas

    Pigmentation spots are generally concentrated on parts of the body exposed to the sun: face, neck, back, etc.

  • Causes & Symptoms

    Repeated sun exposure, cutaneous skin ageing, hormonal diseases or drugs induced photosensitivity, involve the appearance of different types of brown spots:

    • chloasma
      Due to drugs or hormonal imbalances (pregnancy mask) and linked to sun exposure
    • lentigo
      Age spots or solar spots linked to repeated sun exposure
    • actinic
      After severe sunburn during teenage period
    • pih
      After an inflammatory skin reaction due to injuries
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